Life and Business Coaching Jobs

We sometimes have paid or volunteer positions open and we prefer to fill them with coaches.

Some of these jobs will use your coaching skills and will help you enhance those skills. Others may capitalize on other expertise that you have. Not all of these positions are available now. We're opening up the application process, so we have a strong pool of applicants to choose from as positions become available.

We're looking for coaches who are passionate about customer service, love coaching, are self-starters and will give us their best. 

In exchange, you'll have a chance to shine your star, hone your skills, network with the best and progress in your field.

The process of applying to work with us is as follows:

  1. Fill out the application. Link below.
  2. Please do not call or write to us about it. If we like your application and have an opening that you might fill, we will contact you with the contact info you provide.
  3. We may request a resume, recommendations, audio/video recordings, sample work and/or an interview.
  4. If your information changes, simply reapply. If you use the same computer and internet connection, the system should remember you and you can simply update your old application. If not, start a new application.
  5. Word to the wise: Bugging us may cost you the position! ;-)
  6. We prefer to hire people we know. Our volunteers, students, graduates, IAC or SCM Certified Coaches, ICF Credentialed Coaches, colleagues, etc., tend to have an advantage. 

Question: Why would you volunteer for a for-profit company?

I wondered this, myself, when the coach training school I first attended invited me to volunteer for an event. But I volunteered anyway and discovered that it's a great way to:
  • Become an insider
  • Meet cool people
  • Learn faster
  • Have more fun
  • Network like crazy 
  • Become known as an outstanding coach
  • Get hired for paid positions
  •          And occasionally get acknowledged in cool ways
From our perspective, coach training is very labor intensive and covering a few temporary or part-time positions with 'vollies' helps us provide great customer service, while identifying the next up and coming coaching stars, who we may want to invite to work for us as instructors or mentor coaches.

As one of my mentors once said, "For a virtual company, volunteering is like an interview."

Of course, we hire coaches who haven't volunteered for us, too.  We give preference to ICF and/or SCM certified coaches (this is required for instructors and mentors), who have a strong track record, a high work ethic and excellent integrity. We're looking for 'the best'.

Want to get started?


Apply to work for us here.

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