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Hosted by SCM President, Julia Stewart, MMC and special guests.

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  • The audio recording of our very 1st meeting in which 2 IAC Certifying Examiners (Natalie Tucker Miller and Elizabeth Nofziger) tell us 'What the Certifiers are Really Looking For'
  • The official IAC Coaching Notes, the IAC's own informative learning guides on the IAC Coaching Masteries(tm) 

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  • How to Become a Certified Coach
  • Building a Successful Coaching Business
  • Clarifying Professional Ethics for Coaches
  • Marketing Your Coaching Business
  • Building Your Confidence and Skill
  • Networking for Coaches
  • Building Your Coach Community
  • Your Personal and Spiritual Development
  • How to Attract Ideal Clients
  • Becoming a Master Coach 
  • Raising Awareness about Coaching
  • Sharing Coaching Skills With Non-Coaches
  • Developing Passive Income
  • Sharing and Fun
  • More...

Next meeting topic: Experience the Power of Virtual Coaching Triads

Join Julia Stewart, MMC, and Co-Host for this call,  Kristi Arndt, MMC, Past Vice President of the IAC for an open discussion and break-out experience of the Power of Virtual Coaching Triads to give you experience, confidence and skills to use with your clients and to pass coach certifications. 

The IAC is generously sharing their teleconference system, so we can demonstrate how to conduct a triad and then you can experience one, yourself.

Triads are one of the most powerful free resources any coach can take advantage of - and did we mention that they're FREE?

When: Thursday, 3-4 PM Eastern/NY Time

How: Teleconference call

You must join the chapter (above, right) to attend this call. 

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