Coach Cheryl Gebhart, CCC

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Cheryl has been an entrepreneur since she had a kool-aid stand as a young girl. She was a single parent for many years and creatively found ways to increase the bottom line of her household.  Cheryl has been a successful sales representative for over 30 years and has felt the internal struggle in trying to achieve.  As a mother who successfully raised 7 children and has  17 grand-children ranging from 18 to 3 years old, Cheryl brings a unique twist to business entrepreneurial coaching.  Entrepreneurial business coaching is the business of coaching your life and the way you create flowing finances.  Are you thriving in this economy or just surviving?

The answer to that question comes from your beliefs. From inception, your body and consciousness has been attracting and collecting thought forms that have shaped your beliefs and your behavior. Your behavior is a result of the thought forms you have believed to be true…whether they are or not. These thought forms have shaped your behavior determining what money means to you, how to spend it, how to accumulate it, how much you feel you deserve and feel you are worth.  Sometimes you aren’t even aware of these thought forms until you miss the mark:  late bills, lack of money, missed job opportunity, fired from your job, etc.

Jumping to present day, you are handling money for yourself, your business or the company you work for and some of these beliefs no longer mesh with your dreams and goals.  These beliefs may be in direct conflict to what you are working to achieve. Again, you find you are missing the mark:  difficulty in saving money, impulse buying, lack of resources, etc.  Are you thriving in this economy or just surviving?

Are you finding you have less money than you thought?  Is the money you have accumulated dwindling? Is your business having trouble getting off the ground?  You aren’t getting the results you had hoped you would.  Whatever may be preventing you or your business from reaching goals, the formula is the same:  


When Coaching with Cheryl, you are able to sift through beliefs, behaviors and recognize resources using present day situations to open the door for more clarity into your goals.  With more clarity, you gain a greater connection to your dreams and goals for your business and life.  What once seemed like work now appears effortless and flowing as you continue to create the business of your life!  

Are you ready to THRIVE in ANY economy?


To request a complimentary coaching session with Coach Cheryl Gebhart, Click Here.